Fear of the Unknown

What is the fear of the Unknown and why do we fear it?  We tend to avoid the Unknown at all costs and as a result, we steer clear of change. We do this at the cost of our happiness and risk denying ourselves our innermost piercing desires.  We set up strategies and stories to […]

How I overcame Dating Fatigue

I met my boyfriend aka ascension partner the day after I was filmed for a podcast interview about dating. Dating fatigue is real and when I was interviewed for this, I had been on the online dating circuit on and off for quite some time and was really in the dumps about the whole experience. […]

The Year of Yin

The world is currently leaving the Yang (Masculine Energy) era, an episode in history highlighted by male dominance, war and oppression and entering a new era of the Yin (Feminine Energy). Prior to 2-3 thousand years ago, history tells us that it was an era where the feminine was revered. Women were priests and heads […]

Alchemical Marriage – the First Step to Divine Union Within

  What is alchemical marriage? It is the union of duality within ourselves & the most revered & possibly powerful unions you can and will ever experience as a human. This “perfect union” signifies the pure, deep harmony which occurs when the feminine & masculine energies harmonize within to create oneness and you no longer […]