Throughout history Tarot has been used in many different contexts. Initially, it appears to have been a game in parts of Europe. Over time it came to new audiences who saw the archytypes in the cards. Gradually, this identification with archytypes led to a connection with spirituality, and in many circles occultism. In today's world it still has ties to many different groups, and can be seen in a negative light to more traditional religions.

With this tangled background, I believe people come to Tarot with different experiences and expectations. While I don't care how people use the cards in their own life, I want to be clear how I use them. To me, it's not about predicitng the future or a fun card game. While those are fun ways to use the cards, I approach using the cards as a sacred practice, with the cards being a useful tool. Before a session or dealing the cards I meditate on the person for which I'm doing the reading. I find this helps me read the cards better and be present to any messages that come through.

From my experience doing readings, everyone has a card or message that needs to be heard to help them in their path. For some, it is bigger than others. However, everyone has questions or things they need processing. I don't believe that the cards in and of themselves have power, but that they are a tool to help relay those messages that the Universe/God/Spirit wants to get through.

I have two ways you can approach me with Tarot. Approach one, which I call a regular reading, is that we can do one session whenever you would like it, and then any time after another 6 months. The second approach, I call Tarot direction, is based around accompaniment on a journey so we would on a more regular one hour basis to give extra support with what the cards bring up. I can do any of this via email, in-person, or online. All sessions come with a write up of the session.

Regular Sessions

In person/online sessions

1 hour-$40

1/2 hour-$25

Email Sessions

10 card-$35

3 card-$25

Tarot Direction Sessions

Suggested price of $45/session*

*If this is something you would like to explore but is financially hard please contact me. I am often able to negotiate with someone if they are willing to do the work required.