The Bible (According to my Sister): God and His Asherah

We’re signing off on season one with a cliff-hanger. (Don’t worry, season two starts Jan. 2)

That’s right we’ve survived a whole year of podcasts, and to celebrate Abbey is going full girl power talking about the goddess Asherah and her place in the bible.

In Silly Stuff, Shannon finally gets to let off a year’s worth of pent up excitement about her most favoritest bible-ish book ever.

Join us for this wild ride that ends is a heart stopping cliffhanger, or at least a joke that could kind of be a cliff hanger?

Guitalele’s Happy Place by Stefan Kartenberg (c) copyright 2017 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. http://dig.ccmixter.org/files/JeffSpeed68/56194 Ft: Kara Square (mindmapthat)

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