Tarot Reflections: Six of Swords

We are all on a journey, but what does a journey really look like. The tarot card Six of Swords reminds us that journeys are wonderful, but also hard.


Hi! This is Abbey and today we are talking about the Six of Swords. So remember that we are going to do in a modified Lectio Divina way, which is a modified spiritual practice. There are four steps in this: What does the card look like? What does the card traditionally mean? What does ti remind me of? What does it call me to do?

So first off, what does the card look like? Well, the Six of Swords is a man taking a nice walk. As you can see, there are swords beneath him. He’s walking towards a village. There’s stuff in his hand, a bundle. Kind of a sunset or sunrise in the background with some mountains.

But what does this card mean is the second question? Very traditionally, this card is about a journey. It’s about taking a new phase in your life. Transitions. Usually in a very positive way. You’re moving towards something. You’re making progress. Things feel good. Things feel new. Things feel natural, like you’re moving towards something. And that is wonderful. It’s very positive often when it comes up in a reading.

Which brings us to question three, of what does it remind me of. Initially-so this channel and my business is called Divine Journey. So initially, I was like oh this card reminds me of journey’s, my business, what I do, helping people walk through journeys, and that felt really cheesy. But it also had a layer of truth to it. And what more specifically it was reminding me of-when I was thinking about the card I was taking a walk in the path in the backwoods somewhere, and I ran across a puddle, essentially of mud and water. And I was staring at it trying to figure out how to get through it. Do I walk through the water, or mess around with the trees and get mud but no water? I mean, it was kind of a mess, and then I stepped back for a moment. And this card was really reminding me, making me think about journeys. And initially, I was like journeys are wonderful and positive and everyone should be on a journey, it’s fantastic. But I’m also reminded of my own path right now, and journeys can also be fantastic and wonderful, but they can also have these moments of just having mud and water and muck. And it’s low, and its exhausting. Right around this same time, I was asked to do a workshop focused on walking through the low points, or facing challenges. And all of these kind combined into journey are not just one thing. They are not just a nice walk through a forest. They’re not saying “this in my goal and I’m going to go toward it and everything is going to be wonderful along the way”. Journeys have these moments of exhilaration, and fantasticness, and you’re energized and ready to go. And they have these moment where you’re like “dear god what is wrong, this is so hard, and it’s draining and it’s exhausting”. And this card, to me, spoke to both of those. It’s a man who’s walking to a city. That’s great, but he also-he looks tired. He’s, you know, a little haggard over, he’s been through challenges and he sees the destination ahead, but it’s dragging him down. It’s the good and the bad. That’s what this card is really reminding me of, the complexities of a journey.

Which brings me to what does this card call me to do. It calls me to honor those places. Not just to think the journey I’m currently on, the journey that everyone is on as being a wonderful, fantastic thing, and it should just be full of highs. But I also need to honor and respect the moments of lowness and exhaustion. And then honor myself when I take the next step, and the step after that ,and the step after that. It’s rally hard to take those steps. It is really hard to keep walking when you are exhausted. But it you taking those steps, and getting the help you need to take those steps Then you’ll get to the high places again. And you might have a low place, but you might have a high place. It’s ups and downs. So, in an odd, weird way, this card is calling me to honor the good and bad of a journey. Both my personal journey and those people I am walking with.

So that is the six of sword for this week. I will be back as always next week with a new card. But if there is any particular card you would love me to talk about I would love to hear your opinions. And also love to hear what this card calls you to do. And if you enjoyed it please subscribe and I look forward to having a video for you next week. Bye.

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