Tarot Reflection: Four of Swords


The Tarot card Four of Swords, is a man lying down with swords and light above him. This is very indicative on the meaning of this card, which is about rest, and self-care.


Hi, This is Abbey, back again finally, to do a reflection on a tarot card. So this week, and this past four weeks, the decks keeps saying that I should talk about is the Four of Swords. Like normal, I’m going to try do this in a Lectio Divina, sort-of reflection way. Lectio divina-I will have a description down below- but it’s a way to reflect on, traditionally a scripture but can be done with other readings. I am modifying it to do tarot pictures. So the four stages of my modified Lectio Divina are: what does the card look like? What does it typically mean in a reading? What does it remind me of? What does it call me to do?

So the first question is, what does the card actually look like? In both of my decks, it is a man lying down and there are either three or four swords above him. In one of the decks there is a sword beneath him. There is a light streaming in through the window, or stain glass windows. But the man in both of thees decks is sleeping; kind of relaxing and not being afraid or worried of the swords at all. Here’s is what one of the decks look like.

So traditionally, what this card tends to call people to do is take a break. We can really get lost in your life and things can feel overwhelming-like the swords bearing down. So what you really need to do is a take a step back, relax, stop stressing so much about particular idea, or problem, or challenge you’re facing. ‘Cause if you can get that sleep, that rest, you can see something from a new light, a new way. And that’s what the card traditionally calls people to do. Granted that’s not how everything goes, but that’s the traditional format that I’ve seen with this card.

What does it remind me of? Well I think-my life has been crazy right now. I’ve moved, I’m really getting this work all started up. Making new communities. And things get really overwhelming really fast. So, I think the reason this card popped up the last few weeks, it’s reminding me to kind of step back and relax, and practice self-care. Self-care is incredibly important to me, and other people because if we don’t have that self-care you can’t function well in the world. But it doesn’t just remind me of what’s going on in my life. I have so many friends in my life right now that are having marriages, divorces, babies, moving, new careers all happening right now. And that is just so incredibly overwhelming, and that’s not to take into consideration the political things going on in our world. Geopolitics-all of that. we just get overwhelmed so quickly. We have so much media blasting us from all sides. And some of it is great. It’s great to be connected. But sometimes we can get so bogged down into it that we can’t move forward. We can’t do anything worthwhile. We get burnt out. This card is calling people, I think, to remember to take care of themselves. Like I was saying, self-care is incredibly important, but so hard to do. And that’s what this card is reminding me. Reminding me, and I think hopefully reminding all of you. While we should pay attention to all of that, we shouldn’t get caught up in it to the extent that it hurts us. And the way to get out of that is to take a day off, or an hour off, or do something for yourself. Something very life giving; so when you get back to those problems that are so overwhelming you can actually tackle them and have something productive

Which I think answers that fourth question of, what does this card call me to do. And it calls me, and I think a lot of people- I want to at least give that all to you as a gift-that we have permission to take care of ourselves. We have to do that if we want to live and be happy people in this world. At least content people in this world. We need to take care of all ourself first before we take care of other people, or other challenges, and we cannot do that unless we have self care.

So that is the four of swords. At least my new reflection this week. Thank you for watching. I will be back next week with another card. In the meantime subscribe if you liked. I’ll have one every week. And shoot me messages or questions. I’d love to hear from you. In the meantime have a fantastic week. Bye.

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