Tarot Reflections: King of Pentacles

Pentacle cards are all about the physical world and often about money. The King of Pentacles displays this quite well. He is a man with lots of worth. However, he doesn’t hoard his money he is generous with all he has. How does this tarot card reflect how we engage with money today, that’s the big question.


Hi, this is Abbey. I’m here doing another reflection on the tarot cards. Today, I have usually called the King of Pentacles. In my deck it’s also referred to as Count of Coins. And what it is-so in the minor arcana, which are the cards more about thing going on in the everyday, it’s kind of like a regular deck of cards in that there’s an ace all the way up through the king. So the king or the count is a court card; kind of the highest you can go. It is of a man. In my deck it’s a picture of a man holding a coin. In the more traditional Waite Rider deck, it’s kind of a man sitting on a throne with lots of things around him.

So the pentacles and the coins tend to relate more to the everyday thing as opposed to the other cards. Especially in my deck, with the coins its very much about the physical, the material, often about money. And both of these cards, the king is about abundance. He is good at money, he’s a banker. In the Waite Rider he has what looks like grapes all over his robe. Again that kind of abundance feel. There is just a lot that he has in terms of money and material wealth.

So, usually if you get this card, it would probably mean something related to material things. Possibly money, usually good coming your way in terms of that element. The thing about him though, is that, at least in many circles that I’m in, money can kind of be seen as a bad thing. Not necessarily bad-you know money can be the root of all evil sort of idea. Wanting material goods can lead you astray from spiritual paths so-on-and-so-forth. The thing about the King of Coins-sorry- King of Pentacles or the Count of Coins, is that he is generous. He has a lot, but he gives a lot. It’s not just about accumulating wealth. Its about giving wealth as well. So, if that card comes up think about that if you’re thinking about money and money coming in.

And when I was reflecting on this card, what really came to me was my continual struggle with money. Not necessarily the having it, but the idea and belief that you can have abundance; you can have a lot, the universe will give things to you if you just put the intention out. That’s a message I’m getting a lot form different corners in my life. But I’m also seminary trained and very big into social justice, so I also see all the elements of systematic oppression. And so, I also have this thing in my head where I do believe that the universe is good and will give to you and give you lots of abundance. I also have “but what if you’re not born into wealth? What if you’re not white? What if you’re not x y and z.” In some ways it’s blaming people who are poor- living in poverty-for living that way. And so I’ve been struggling and wrestling with that a lot. And this card brought kind of this up in a different way. I think it’s a thing I’m going to continually to struggle with, wanting to honor both sides, both perspectives. Trusting the universe, and also not wanting to blame people for the situations that they’re in, necessarily when you’re thinking about systematic things.

But while I was reflecting, another song came into my head, from my childhood called Magic Penny. It’s about love, but I think it also very much reflects what the king is talking about. And I’m a terrible singer, so the lyrics are:

Love is something is you give it away

you end up having more.

Love is just like a magic penny

hold it tight and you wont’ have any.

Lend it spend it and you’ll have so many they’ll roll all over the floor.

And I think the idea of taking what’s been given to you and giving it back, allows more to come your way. And to not hoard things and to have that generous spirit of giving back to the world. That is something else I think this card can calls us to and was important to share.

So that is the King of Pentacles and Count of Coins. At least some of my reflections on it. I haven’t really had him pop up in many readings at this point, so I can’t give you reflections from that. But if you’re done reading, and had him popped up I’d love to hear what those have meant to you. And I look forward to putting up another reflection next week on some other card. Have a good day. Bye.

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