Tarot Reflections: Five of Staffs


The Five of Staffs give me/us a reminder that tarot is more than just one definition. It’s about intuition and placement.


Hi. So this is Abbey with a reflection on some of the tarot cards. And today is kind of interesting. So I pulled out the five of staffs. And the five of staffs are part of the minor arcana. Theres’s a major and minor arcana in the tarot. They mean different things. The minor arcana tend to lean toward everyday kind of things that are going on instead of the bigger picture sort of things.

I actually have two different decks and I pulled out the card from the deck I normally use, which is the Byzantine deck. And I also pulled out the card from another deck, which is a more traditional deck, the Waite Rider. And it struck me again how different the same card can be in two different decks. So the card from the deck I normally use is five people standing around and having a conversation from what it looks like. They have different things in their hands, that could represent different thing from their life. The Waite Rider card, is how it’s often traditionally seen, is more five people fighting with these big staffs. Its conflict.

So both cards, and like books you read, say the five of staffs is about conflict. It can also be about success after the conflict. Or moving towards some things or through some things, but that it’s really about the conflict between the five people, or the conflict inside of yourself. And you really see that in the Waite Rider deck card. And that’s kind of what I would normally pull out, and deal with that card if I was doing a reading with that particular deck. The interesting thing is, when I use the byzantine deck I get different insights when I draw out the same card. So, in the past when I’ve drawn out the five of staffs in the byzantine deck it’s-I’ve seen it stand for being overwhelmed. For Everything in life coming together in these five different parts, and combing in one more unified whole. I’ve seen it as success-you’ve got everything figured out, just keep moving forward, things are doing well. There may be some issues here and there, but nothing big or grandiose. I’m not sure what to do with that. I mean lots of people learn tarot through reading books, which is defiantly the initial way of how I started learning it. But then I started just doing it, and using my intuition to pick things up. And that has always worked better than an actual definitions from books; though books things I kind of fall back on, and rely on if I was really confused about something.

So two different cards. Actually the same card with two really different pictures, two really different meanings. I wonder what you would pull out of these cards if you saw them? What might you feel what intuition what you get? A kind of reminder that tarot is more than about mathematics, and definitions, it’s more about intuition and what does this card mean right now, in this time, and the place, and position. So, that’s my kind of interesting reflection that I was not planning on thinking or talking about with the tarots cards, but hopefully sightly insightful at least interesting. Enjoy.

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