Tarot Reflections: The Fool

The Fool is the first card in the Tarot deck. It is, usually, a young man about ready to walk off a cliff because he’s too busy looking at the sky. Very foolish. However, sometime we all need that in our life, and he’s there to remind us of that.


Hello I’m Abbey and today I’m going to talk about one of my favorite cards, which is the Holy Fool or just the Fool depending on which deck you have. And I thought I would do this in a more reflective way. I think that’s generally how I’m going to be reflecting on these cards. So there’s a spiritual practice called Lectio Divina. Which is one of my favorite practices, because it really helps you dive into, usually, some text a little bit deeper. But I thought I would try to do a modified version, and do it with a picture. So, there’s four steps to Lectivo Divina. There’s the..kind of…the what is…where is the text…or what is the picture? Then literally, what is the text saying? In this case, what does the card traditionally mean? And there’s a kind of -what does it remind you of, and, kind of, what does it call you to do?

So first is what is the card, and the card is the Holy Fool. And this is my particular card from the Byzantine deck. And the card is usually a picture of a young-ish man, who is taking a walk. And he is usually talking a walk-is about ready to step off a ledge. If you’ll, kind of, see it in this card- he’s about ready to step off a ledge, and he doesn’t know it because he’s kind of looking up. Usually his head’s in the cloud, or in this picture he’d looking at a dove. And it’s kind of-you know, he’s not really present in the moment. Or if he is, he’s present in a very different non-physical sort of way.

It is the first card in the entire tarot deck, and it’s part of the major arcana. Which is kind of the bigger picture sort of stuff in tarot. Not the everyday life things, but the overarching story, or the overarching themes in a life.

So what does this card traditionally mean? It often, kind of, means innocence, being foolhardy because it’s the fool. Not being present, maybe a bit childish. I’ve found lots of reading, it kind of calls to people one of two things. It’s either a reminder to trust in a situation. To take that leap forward before you know what’s going to happen, before you there’s a ledge. Just trust that you’re going to be caught. That’s what this fool is doing. He’s assuming everything is going to be fine. He’s always been taken care of. He will always be taken care. That’s one thing this card calls you to do; is just trust that everything is going to be fine and take that leap. The other thing I’ve found that it calls you to do, is I guess similar. It kind of calls you to be a bit more childish, a bit more foolish. Enjoy life, not to be so worried so much about, you know, jobs, bills, and chores, and all your responsibilities. It calls you to have more fun to enjoy life. To not get wrapped up in all those things. Which, while are important, they shouldn’t be your life.

So that brings us to what does it remind me of. So I was thinking, and meditating on this for a long time, and the image that kept coming back to me was, when I was a child we had this state park about 40 minutes away, which is still one of my favorite places in the entire world. And my mother would take us for walks through various trails at this park. There were trees, and there were rocks and there were all these really cool things. And we would go for walks, and it would be, like maybe a half a mile trail, and it would take us one to two hours to walk through the entire trail because we have to stop and look at everything, and ask questions. And then, at the time it was allowed, we could go climb on the rocks and discover new things. And it was this blissfuly, just, time of wondering and experiencing and loving the world that we were in. And sometime doing really stupid stuff, like getting really close to the edge of the rocks. At which point my mom would be like come back; kind of grab up if we were ready to run off a rock, which may be why this card popped up. But there was something very innocent, and very charming and very childish enthusiast about that memory. And I think it connects somehow to this card and that this card calls you to kind of re-bridge that childishness. The card is often portrayed more as foolishness. But I think theres a level of innocence and wonder that goes along with that, goes along with that child experience. And those were beautiful times, and those were times I want to recapture.

Which brings us to the fourth part, which is what does this card call me specifically to do. And it’s the thing I always struggled with. And so I love this card and hate this card, because it calls me to re-embrace that innocence and that wonder and that foolishness and just trusting that things are going to be ok. I always like, to want plan everything and have everything figured out, and just-just right, you know. Very responsible. And you can’t always do that. And it keeps you from really living and experiencing life. And so this card specifically calls me to embrace that foolishness.

So after those reflecting, think about what this card calls you to do in your life in these particular times. Maybe it doesn’t call you to anything, that’s fine. But If it does call you I’d love to hear about that. Leave message in the comments or shoot me a message.

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