“I know the path. It is straight and narrow. It is like the edge of a sword. I rejoice to walk on it. I weep when I slip. Gods word is, ‘he who strives never perishes.’ I have implicit faith in that promise.”
- Ghandi

Has prioritzing yourself been difficult?

Join this sacred weekend dedicated to having you reconnect with the deepest, sweetest parts of you…


Annual Rebirth Retreat Reconncting Oneself

The quickest way to inner peace is to nurture the relationship you have with yourself.

This event is for YOU if you…

  • Have found it difficult to prioritize yourself or your dreams/goals.
  • Are a womxn – single, married or in a relationship.
  • Are tired of creating the same patterns in your life and relationships.
  • Want to deepen and nurture your relationship with yourself and others.
  • Want to stop the hamster wheel from turning.
  • Want to feel free and fully expressed.
  • want to reconnect with the things that really matter to you.
  • Want to connect deeply with your feminine essence.
  • Want to learn how to balance your masculine energy.
  • Want to reconnect with yourself.
  • Want to connect and heal in sisterhood.
  • Are ready to celebrate yourself and others.

Be YOU tiful!

  • Deepen your Intuition and Inner Knowing
  • Gain clarity
    Build self-esteem and willpower
  • Learn how to love yourself and other’s more profoundly
  • Get re-motivated
    Release fear of rejection
    Self-regulate stress response
  • Give yourself grace
    Release perfectionism and high expectations
  • Prioritize your rest
  • Release self-judgement and Self-criticism
  • Maintain health and balance while care-giving

November 30 - December 3, 2023


Experience moments of pure joy and self-love. Re-align with your goals and desires. Deepen your self-love practices. Replenish your soul. Dive deep into what’s important to you. Let go of what’s blocking you…

November 30 - December 3, 2023


Experience moments of pure joy and self-love. Re-align with your goals and desires. Deepen your self-love practices. Replenish your soul. Dive deep into what’s important to you. Let go of what’s blocking you…


Miosotis Santana (Founder of Divine Journey) aka Mio, aka Coach, aka Intuitive Guide, aka Latina Spirit Guide, is a Certified Transformational Trainer, Program Designer and Self-love Mindset Coach and creator of the successful Rebirth Retreat.

She’s at it again with this new incarnation of retreat experiences! For this year-end retreat, she’s taking everything she gathered over the year and combining it with her tried and true staples of self-love and self-mastery to create a year-end experience like no other. You will not only reboot your energetic system but you will give your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies a full reset to end the year strong and start the new year powerfully.
Over the past 5 years since her company’s inception, she has led eight groups through her signature Self-love Program called Resilience and two groups through her signature Divine Journey Self-Mastery Program and is looking forward to seeing graduates plus some new faces at this very special year-end retreat!

Mio will lead:

  • Transformational workshops
  • Sacred rituals
  • Intuitive guidance and transformational coaching
  • Sacred circles and ceremonies

She has designed a one-of-kind experience with this year-end retreat. Make sure you’re in the room…

Mio is known for her unique intuitive guidance and compassionate approach that meets you where you are and leads you to reach your truest self expression. She bases all of her work on the foundation that you are a powerful creator who already holds all the answers within you and through her signature approach: Acknowledge | Address | Heal | Transform, she takes you through a Divine Journey of exploration and healing that elevates your vibration and shifts your perspectives in a healthy way. She also prepares you with tangible tools that you can use daily in a sustainable way to keep doing the work on your own and seeing results.

Her life’s work is dedicated to your transformation. Join her for this first of its kind year-end retreat to celebrate what you’ve accomplished so far, heal any parts of you that are calling for love and call forth the higher aspects of you that are yearning to be acknowledged. During this retreat you’ll sit in sacred circle with Mio and experience yourself on a deeper and more transformative level than you ever have before.

“For me, this retreat is all about creating warmth, love, celebration, relaxation and transformation and I just can’t wait to be in the room with you and see the magic we’ll create.”Miosotis Santana

Enjoy, rest and play…

What would it feel like to give yourself this gift?


Prioritizing yourself and your desires can be difficult at times and keeping it all together feels challenging when you’re not feeling fulfilled. That is why it is important to take what Mio calls “a powerful pause,” and set the context for what you are creating in your life and in the world.


Many of us at one point or another notice that everything in life comes back to the relationship we have with ourselves and yet we spend most of our lives searching for someone or something outside of ourselves to fill us up with the love and attention that we need.


Oftentimes, we realize too late that the most important relationship we needed to nourish, was the one with ourselves.


By attending this sacred weekend, you will have the opportunity to connect with yourself and your truest intentions in a deeper way than ever before and reboot your mind, body and spirit.


You have different parts of you, the part that perhaps wanted to be a ballerina or climb Mount Everest and the part of you that did "the right thing" and dedicated yourself to your families or careers. But why did it ever have to be an either/or?

This weekend is about creating a both/and reality and remembering who you are, embracing your whole self - all your dreams, intentions and desires and re-dedicating yourself to you.

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