“The sorrow which has no vent in tears may make other organs weep.”
– Henry Maudsley
If you’re searching for that  person that will change your life,
take a look in the mirror… That person is You!
In 8 weeks , you’ll learn how to stop repeating unhealthy patterns, talking down to
yourself and people pleasing without feeling guilt, stress or overwhelm.

Are You Ready To

Here’s the truth: The reason this program works is not only because it helps you uncover subconscious blocks, heal your inner child and implement new tools, it works because someone who went through what you are going through designed the program!

In Resilience, you are guided through the powerful healing
necessary to transform your life, in a compassionate and safe
environment while also learning how to use important tools
that will support you for the rest of your life!

What do you get?

The Resilience program is your next step to finally possess the inner peace and quality of relationships you desire and leave behind all the toxic patterns, limiting beliefs and time wasters that have been holding you back from making a change.

After completing Resilience you will be able to:

  • Let go of unnecessary baggage.
  • Trust yourself more.
  • Tap into your intuition more consistently.
  • Improve your relationships with yourself and others.
  • Consistently raise your own vibration and give yourself what you need.
  • Implement healthy rituals and practices to stay focused and centered.


Why My Method Works…
My method is simple. I believe its better to “work in” before you workout and self-love is the foundation that starts you on your way to creating the life that you want. My coaching and guidance heals the unhealthy patterns stemming from childhood by using a blend of modalities and principles that have shown results for dozens of program participants. I use a transformational style of guidance that is similar to life coaching in that it involves bettering yourself and your life by bringing about necessary changes but instead of changing how you act, however, transformational coaching changes the way you see yourself and the world. Your entire being is engaged in the work of discovery and healing through my unique method of Acknowledge, Address, Heal and Transform and my 12 Divine Journey Principles. I empower you to understand that you can transform your life from within, then I give you the tools and teach you how to do it.

Hi there, I'm Mio Santana:

My mission is to provide you with the empowerment, knowledge, and tools you need to transform your life from within and create a world guided by harmony, inclusion, inner peace, and self-love with proven techniques and tools that create an interruption to your repeating patterns and guidance to attain the sustainable shifts you need to transform your life for the better.
  • If you’re tired of replaying the same unhealthy patterns…
  • If you find yourself believing that you’re not worthy of the life you desire…
  • If you think there’s no hope for you…
You…Are…Wrong!! And…You’ve come to the right place!!!

Get ready to step into a new light, greater understanding and better mindset about who you are and what you’re really worth!

What to expect


Virtual Group

Focused transformational workshops coupled with group coaching once a week. This starts your week off strong and gives you all the tools you will need to be successful…


At Home

Powerful rituals and activities you will learn how to do to improve your mindset and raise your vibration…


Group Chat

Join in with like-minded women and entrepreneurs dedicated to uncovering subconscious blocks, healing their inner child and implementing tools for a more holistic life….

“I joined because I knew there was so much more for me…”

“This energy exchange between all of us is one of the things I enjoyed most”

– Jennifer – Occupational Therapist

“I have learned so many ways to love myself…”

“She had the wisdom, the knowledge, the know-how and the heart in order to guide me.”

-Aura – Elementary School Teacher

“I feel empowered by the process…”

“I had stories that I carried with me since I was a kid and what I learned in the Resilience Program opened up so much vulnerability between myself and people I would feel insecure with before.”

-Solange – Entrepreneur & Multidisciplinary Artist

Here’s a sneak peak at the curriculum

Learning to love yourself after a lifetime of serving others may seem daunting but this program is your avenue to a better more peaceful life.

When will you start making your wellbeing a priority?

This is For You If

Are you tired of repeating the same unhealthy patterns in your life? If so, apply here.

Mio Santana

“After my parents broke up when I was 4 years old, I spent most of my life searching for the love I missed out on from both my parents over their nasty break-up and ended up in bad relationships. In addition to that, I would break up with them before they could leave me because I was so afraid of being abandoned.

This was a lonely and exhausting path that eventually led me to seek guidance and to where I am today. When I was certified as a Transformational Trainer, I knew the first thing I wanted to do was go back and help women who were going through the same things I had gone through. If I could share my story with one person in hopes that it could put them on a healthy path, then it would have all been worth it”.

This is not for you if:

  • You’re not willing to do whatever it takes to transform your life now.
  • You’re scared to make a real change in your life.
  • You are comfortable with the status quo.
  • You don’t mind repeating the same patterns over and over.
  • You don’t have time to invest in your well-being.
  • You have any doubts that the life you want is possible.

More Testimonials

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