How I overcame Dating Fatigue

How I overcame Dating Fatigue

I met my boyfriend aka ascension partner the day after I was filmed for a podcast interview about dating.

Dating fatigue is real and when I was interviewed for this, I had been on the online dating circuit on and off for quite some time and was really in the dumps about the whole experience.

I would get on because I needed to “put myself out there” and after a few pointless encounters with people who were not on the same page, I would vow to try to meet someone IRL and would close my accounts.

Then time would pass, I wouldn’t meet anyone and soon I would be back on the dating apps.

This went on for longer than I’d like to admit yet through it all, as fed up as I would get with dating, I still held the intention that I deserved to have someone amazing and most importantly that I would find them.

Remember my words, intention is everything…

It’s funny what a little faith and intention can bring you but through all these bouts of frustration, the key is to never give up on the most important ingredient, loving yourself.

I had put in the work for the last two years and knew that it would not be in vain. I had learned a while ago that loving me was the number one thing I needed if I was going to find that partner to experience life with.

How can you expect to find someone to love you if you can’t even give that kind of love to yourself?

Without self-love, I was an empty shell of myself just blowing in the wind without a true north to guide me in the direction of my dreams.

Back then I would wonder why I wasn’t finding “the one” but after the last two years of really putting in the work on myself, I realized it was because I hadn’t been the one for me until now!

I had to learn how to become the person I would want to date.

Over the last two years, I kept asking myself, would I date me? And the more I asked that question, the more I worked on what I needed to heal and clear up to become a more aligned and fulfilled version of myself.

The day after I poured my heart out on this interview is the day I met my current partner and what I consider to be my ascension partner.

  • Would this have happened two years ago?
    • I don’t think so.
  • Would you want to be with someone who is carrying emotional baggage and who can’t give anything to the relationship?
    • So, I had to get real with myself and clean up whatever was still there for me about my past. I had to do some more internal spring cleaning if you know what I mean.
  • We often expect the best from others but are we willing to be  the best version of ourselves in return?
    • I believe that is the only way a true relationship can work.


My last relationship ended a little over 4 years ago and it took me 2 years to grieve and 2 years to heal. Over that time, I worked on transforming those aspects of me that had me create that past relationship to begin with.

I had to get to know myself all over again, what type of person I want to be in a relationship and what I was willing or not willing to tolerate within myself and within others and then the process of reinvention began.

I had to learn what I liked and didn’t like and get reacquainted with what my principles, values and morals are. I had to heal shadow aspects of myself that had previously been running the show and I had to take a good look in the mirror and ask myself if I liked what I was seeing.

Eventually, I learned how to love myself more deeply than ever and I began redesigning my life and creating the reality that my future partner would step into.

Once I did this, and more, I was able to magnetize my current partner.

I say magnetize because it was essentially effortless. Yes the past 2-4 years too concerted effort from me but the actual process of drawing him in, that required no effort from me whatsoever.

It was energetic. I had to bring myself to the energetic state that would align with the frequency of the type of partner I wanted to have.

The way I was being had me vibrate at a frequency that he resonated with and therefore brought him to me effortlessly.

And want to know the best part? Anyone can do this! It just takes a little work and intention. Do you want to have the life of your dreams? Do you want to wake up every morning feeling fully realized and clear? Do you want to create a deep love in your life that drives everything you do?

It doesn’t happen once you meet that partner. It starts happening now, right here as you are, you can begin creating the love and the life you desire.

It’s possible. Begin with loving yourself. I’d love to hear your story.

Message me if you’re interested in taking the first step.

  • To listen to the PODCAST INTERVIEW click  here.

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