The Year of Yin

The Year of Yin

The world is currently leaving the Yang (Masculine Energy) era, an episode in history highlighted by male dominance, war and oppression and entering a new era of the Yin (Feminine Energy). Prior to 2-3 thousand years ago, history tells us that it was an era where the feminine was revered. Women were priests and heads of state and house. Women were considered wise, respected and honored. We somehow left that era with the proliferation of modern religion and those practices were all but erased from the collective consciousness.

The rise of Masculine Energy became distorted when it was not balanced with the Feminine as it should naturally be. Therefore, conflict and stress arose from the dis-balance of energy. Everything in the universe is harmonized by Masculine and Feminine Energies. To make it simple, picture Masculine Energy (forward moving, go-getter energy) as the wings of a bee and Feminine Energy (receiver ie. collector of pollen and nectar) as the bee. Without the wings the bee does not achieve its goals and without the bee the wings get nowhere. The disbalance arises when the wings forget that the bee is there and try to overcompensate so much that it overshadows the functions of the bee. This is kind of the dynamic that has been happening between Male and Female for the last couple millennia partially due to the misunderstanding of what these energies are and how they work.

As we start entering this era of the Feminine, we begin to see an equilibrium of energies begin to occur such as the #metoo movement and the transgender movement. One might argue that the Feminist Movement happened in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, and would ask, how was that different from what’s going on today? 

That particular movement was deliberated from a Masculine Energy perspective but did not necessarily embrace the Masculine as gender, therefore, it shunned it (the male) away. This created more disconnect and divisiveness between the two genders which distorted the energies since Feminine Energy is more prevalent generally in Women and Masculine Energy in men, the chasm between men and women became larger and stronger.

For many years men and women have walked the earth not having any idea that they carry both these energies inside them equally and that everything in nature is also balanced by the ebb and flow of both energies. The dis-harmony within themselves began proliferating even more dis-balances in their surroundings, such as in the environment and institutions. The dynamic of boys against girls became prevalent and was the norm within our societal structures, for example, our schools, places of business and homes. We all believed that this was the only way to live, until now..

Consequently, with the rising of the Divine Feminine today, we are realizing that the way to begin repairing this chasm between us is through the healing of the Masculine within ourselves first. Which begins with removing the societal labels around what Masculine and Feminine Energies are, disassociating the energies, as much as possible, from gender and embracing and loving both Masculine and Feminine within. 

This means being willing to forgive and to begin to remove the labels of what we might think the Masculine energy is. It is an opportunity to disassociate the energy from what the Masculine as a gender has done to humanity while in the distorted archetype of that energy. Real healing may begin and peace may begin to unfold in our society when we begin to love and accept Masculine Energy without the distortions of connecting it to gender labels and societal misconceptions. 

When looking at energy, Science tells us that without Masculine energy, creation does not occur. We need the sperm to fertilize the egg. We need the wings of the bee to collect the pollen. Masculine energy gets things done. It is what propels us forward as a species. And it is also important to remember that without the nourishment and support of the Feminine energy the Masculine energy is not able to create and vice versa. Neither energy is superior to the other. Both are equally needed and supported by the natural flow of the universe. This dynamic permeates everything in nature. It permeates each human-being which is also a part of nature. Therefore, as it refers to gender, when the energies are being accessed from a state of divinity by a person, they begin to work in harmony, honoring and complimenting oneself, one another and the world.

The year of Yin is not a movement of some kind or a female uprising of any sort, it is a simple yet profound energetic shift occurring naturally in our environment and in our collective psyche that has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with energy and which has the potential to harmonize the dynamic between men and women.

Continue to join me on this journey and attend my workshops as we explore and share how to remove these old paradigms of thinking and get back to the purity of what these energies are and how beautiful it can be to live with them in harmony. Your Divine Journey begins today.

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