Alchemical Marriage – the First Step to Divine Union Within

Alchemical Marriage – the First Step to Divine Union Within


What is alchemical marriage?

It is the union of duality within ourselves & the most revered & possibly powerful unions you can and will ever experience as a human.

This “perfect union” signifies the pure, deep harmony which occurs when the feminine & masculine energies harmonize within to create oneness and you no longer see yourself as separate from anything or anyone.

It also means a clear understanding of your needs and a conviction to honoring them as a statement of love for yourself and others.

An alchemical marriage is something only you can attain for yourself. It is not something you go searching for elsewhere. It is something that is found within you.

When in relationships, how do you release codependency long enough to step fully into your authenticity, sovereignty, and true purpose to then foster interdependence?

It doesn’t matter if you’re married, single or somewhere in between, this alchemical marriage can be achieved.

Sages, monks and gurus have been answering this question for centuries, and the biggest thing we can learn from their teachings is that the only relationship we can find out there, will be the mirror of the type of relationship we have with ourselves.

But how do you refrain from searching outward long enough to find what you need within you?

The first thing you must do is get clear on what matters to you. Very simply, what brings you joy, fulfills you.

Then set the intention to make that a priority above all else.

Be so connected with your vision, that the universe can’t help but send you everything and everyone who is aligned with it.

But the work starts with you. You can’t wait until you find the perfect partner, job or purpose to feel joy.

The unity consciousness you seek begins with inner union.

Take a moment today to create a new intention for yourself or to remember one you may have let fall to the wayside along your journey.

Declare that you will achieve that intention and be grateful for the opportunity.

Life is a journey, not a destination and although we often see things as linear, there is no real beginning or end to things. Look at life as more of a spiral.

Sometimes you gain deeper awareness and other times you gain greater understanding but you are always traveling up or down and around the spiral navigating through life.

Find the inner union within you, the marriage of your dreams is already available to you, and it starts with you. 

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